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Month: November 2017

Find the best countries to invest and get more in return while you stay at Crowne Plaza Hotels.

Find the best  countries to invest and get more in return while you stay at Crowne Plaza Hotels. Poland With the continuous economic growth you’ve found your safe haven. Poland is home to many automobile manufacturers like Volkswagen. There are many options to invest in consider electronics or renewable energy sectors. Save money and invest wisely by staying at  Holiday Inn Express Source...

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Project Management Software for Interior Designers

Until a few decades back, interior designing never meant much especially in country like India but times have changed and with time the mentality, needs and requirements of people has also changed. Society has become more sophisticated than ever and this has led to increased number of jobs, projects and people in the interior designing business. The main task of a Project Management Software is to keep track of all the projects and documentation related to each project. Interior designing projects have become quite big these days. In fact rich people buy properties spread over many acres of land and give the job of decorating it to Interior Designs. A software solution of the project will not only help to keep track of the whole projects but will also manage the designs, requirements and materials required in the process. Material management is the most important aspect of Project Management Software. When it comes to designing then even a small candle holder or lamp holds great value to the aesthetic value or theme of the room or the building or the house. Most people love to have theme based homes and symmetry is required in some way or other meaning you will be needing lightings, fans, lamps, furniture, tables, and carpets of similar or same types and that too too in a particular number. Keeping manual records especially in case...

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Why Making More Money Does not Solve Your Money Problems

Many people today are in debt, and it is a very common idea to try to make more money somehow to help solve the problem. The other main strategy people commonly use is to save on expenses (live cheap). Most people never try the third strategy, and that is to spend time on a regular basis to gain control over their cash flow. This is why most people will remain poor, and why YOU have a chance RIGHT NOW to change the direction of your financial life. You will often hear people blame their weight problem on cookies and cakes, or sometimes you have heard someone blame their poor sports performance on faulty equipment. In both cases, the person has decided to look externally for the cause instead of internally. It makes the person feel OK with themselves even though they DO NOTHING to improve their crappy results. The same is true when it comes money. Obviously, the cake is not responsible for the weight gain. A person is either in control or not in control. If you surround person with lots of cakes, it is likely to become more obvious that the person has a control problem when it comes to cakes. The same is true with money. When a person with a money control problem has access to lots of money, it becomes more obvious that the...

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Time Management for Writers

Most established writers have deadlines to follow. They are either pressed to complete an article by a certain time or they have a novel or non-fiction book that must be handed in by a deadline. In each case they have either a mandatory of self-imposed daily word count they need to complete in order to finish on time. The primary components to time management for writers should encompass several things. 1. Writing – By actually identifying what your purpose is you take the first step in making sure it is included in your thinking. 2. Research – Take the time to conduct research on your subject matter, if you do not factor time for this you have to borrow from other categories and you will likely fall behind in your writing. 3. Market Research – When you research the intended audience for your work it can help you more closely guide the work in the right direction. 4. Rest and Recreation – If you do not factor time for these two things they will get lost. At the root of recreation is re-create. Our creative juices are revitalized in down time. If we spend all our time writing we will likely lose perspective and our work will suffer. 5. Family and friends – This is a close cousin to the last time management component, but your work should never...

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Financial Freedom: Saying Goodbye to the Time for Money Swap

Before we address the issue at hand, let’s make sure that we are clear on the definition of financial freedom. Up until 4 or 5 years ago, I had a warped perception of financial freedom. I pictured it as a life of leisure with a couple million dollars in the bank. After taking on too many unnecessary risks trying to attain that goal, I stopped to rethink my definition. I realized that financial freedom doesn’t require millions of dollars. As long as you have enough to cover your yearly expenses and a method to replenish your coffers, you are there. That sounds sort of like a job. However, even using that as a definition only a few working people would meet the criteria. Most need a job and a few credit cards to make ends meet. I redefined it as follows: Financial Freedom is freedom to focus on what is truly important to you and your family without having to trade time for a wage. It is enabled by a portfolio of income producing assets, managed by you, which generates sufficient income to cover your yearly expenses on an ongoing basis. It provides both time and money. That is significantly different than my original definition, but much more achievable. It requires that your days be spent maximizing the return on your eBay business, rental properties or other assets. Unfortunately,...

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